As one of Canada’s leading innovative and celebrated fashion designers, Izzy Camilleri has made a name for herself designing clothing for national and international clients for over 32 years. Izzy has built a reputation by creating pieces that are provocative yet refined, sophisticated and always wearable. Her designs have been featured in publications from Italian Vogue, to Instyle and the highly influential, and worn by A–Listers such as Angelina Jolie, Mark Walberg, Meryl Streep and David Bowie.

In 2006 her eponymous fashion line, which combined sleek leathers, furs and lavish textiles earned her CAFA’s coveted Women’s Wear Designer of the Year Award. The Royal Ontario Museum featured a 6 month exhibit in 2014, highlighting Izzy’s unique career, focusing on the revolutionary IZ Collection and her past iconic designer pieces.

While still attending to the needs of the fashion world, Izzy’s personal focus revolves around inner beauty, good health and well-being.

Izzy is based in Toronto and continues to create pieces that provoke thought and push boundaries.


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Through the mid to late 80’s, Izzy’s name sake collections were gracing runways and stores across North America, earning her glowing reviews from the fashion community and consumers alike. During these years, Izzy developed her trademark style that has influenced her throughout her career.


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From the luxurious build of the infamous fur coat worn by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, to edgy pieces created for David Bowie’s Dead Man Walking music video, Izzy’s contribution to the film industry has been incredibly extensive and included original designs, reproductions and period pieces.


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A revolutionary and completely unique brand of clothing, designed around a seated frame, to provide a superior choice for wheelchair users. IZ Collection pioneered the way for adaptive clothing and pushed boundaries within the fashion world, making the world more accessible, not just through clothing, but also through raising awareness around disability issues and raising the profile of models who use wheelchairs.


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Celebrating Izzy’s bold and groundbreaking career, the Royal Ontario Museum ran a six month exhibition in 2014 ‘Fashion Follows Form: Designs For Sitting’. The exhibit contextualized the innovative ‘IZ Collection’ garments within Izzy’s oeuvre and historical 18th-19th century fashions also designed for a seated, L-shaped frame.


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A collaborative offering, with Adrian Mainella, IZMA transformed the beauty and warmth of Canadian wild fur into modern icons of attainable luxury. Designed with 4 key concepts in mind: wear-ability, versatility, functionality and longevity, the line was an early part of a movement within the fashion industry towards a focus on sustainability.


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Launched to rave reviews at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, the MIZ line was dedicated to the female Boomer, in both fashion and function. Featuring bold lines and striking prints plus Izzy’s signature leather pieces, MIZ seamlessly blended style and comfort with each season.


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These charitable projects challenge stereotypes and highlight the numerous causes Izzy has contributed to. Each project presented unique design challenges, from collaborating with Starlight Canada to redesign hospital gowns for sick teenagers, to being the first designer in the White Cashmere Collection to feature a model to use a wheelchair. Izzy created a gown created from bathroom tissue – raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Association.


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Numerous artists have worn incredible Izzy Camilleri custom designs on the stage, but none more iconic than the metallic suits worn by Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip on their historic Man Machine Poem Tour in 2016.