IZ Collection

Fall/Winter 2016

A revolutionary and completely unique brand of clothing, designed around a seated frame, to provide a superior choice for wheelchair users. IZ Collection pioneered the way for adaptive clothing and pushed boundaries within the fashion world, making the world more accessible, not just through clothing, but also through raising awareness around disability issues and raising the profile of models who use wheelchairs. For the current collection, visit IZ Adaptive.

  • IZ Collection Fall/Winter 2016


    Photo:  Chris Chapman
    Hair and Makeup: Robert Weir
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  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_leather-holly-nick_093_
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  • 160824_izcollection_parka-anthony_033_
  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_bomber-holly_039
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  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_jeans-holly_059
  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_jeans-anthony_064
  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_jeans-faz_101
  • 160824_izcollection_fallreshoot_holiday-holly_088
  • IZ Collection Fall-Winter 2016SM
  • IZ Collection Fall/Winter 2016


    Photo:  Chris Chapman
    Hair: Marilisa Sears
    Makeup: Melissa Gibson
    Stylist: Peter Papapetrou
    Models: Alana Zimmer.
    Grace Mahary, 
    Anita Kaiser
    Sets: Catlin Doherty
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